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5 Tips When Buying Your First Yachts and Boats in Dubai

Buying a boat is a big decision. It was once said that the day you buy your first boat, will be the best day of your life. They also said that the second best day of your life is selling it! Here are some tips on buying your first boat!

Tip #1 - Know what type of boat you want.

Princess Yachts has a vast fleet boats you can choose from!

If you are buying a brand new boat or a pre-owned boat, you need to figure out what kind of sailing will you be doing? The first step is to develop a clear idea of the kind of sailing you intend to use the boat for. Do you want a stress-free pottering on a relaxing weekend, or you prefer the challenge of long passages, or the adrenaline-fueled round of speed and racing? If you are not sure, you can contact us here at Princess Yachts Gulf and we will help you find the boat that suits your needs.

Tip #2 - Check the condition of the boat.

Once you have found a boat that looks right for you, how do you know if  it is really as described in the advertisement? This is specially true when buying a pre-owned boat. Here are some guides that can help you check the baot during your first visit.

  • The external appearance of the boat is a good indication of its general state of maintenance.

  • Don't hesitate to lift up the planks to look at the sluice-gates and keel bolts – this will give you a good indication of the level of upkeep of the boat. You should also check around the engine cover and fixed portholes to see if there is any condensation or traces of water leaks...

  • Inspect the ship's decking by walking over it barefoot or in socks, taking heavy steps to see if there are any weak areas or any peeling. Have a look at the rigging and the state of the sails. Don't forget to look at the mooring equipment ( windlass, chain and anchor).

For brand new boats, every Princess yacht is designed with our forward-thinking mentality and crafted with meticulous attention to detail. So whether you’re dashing across the water or moored in your favorite bay, you will recognize the difference our design and details make, inside and out.

Tip #3 - Know where will you keep her.

Bvlgari Marina

If you are to buy a boat you surely want to make good use of her, so best decide where you want to keep her and make sure it’s feasible. Mooring fees in some ‘hotspots’ are eye-watering and in some cases the marinas either don’t have availability or they are too shallow for your vessel’s draft. Dubai Marina and Bvlgari Marina are two of the best places to moor your boat in Dubai.

Tip #4 - Know the legal bit of buying a boat.

Princess 35 M

Buying a boat is not dissimilar to buying a home. You have a contract with agreement, terms and conditions etc. A written contract is vital when large sums of money are involved — it should be signed by both parties once the sale price has been agreed. After all of that, here are some rules and regulations you need to know about boating and other water-based activities before leaving dry land.

You will need the following:

  • Marine craft licence

  • Marine craft inspection report

  • Coastguard-approved transponder

  • Boat insurance

  • Marine craft driver’s licence

  • Permit to sail

All boats, including private vessels – also known as pleasure,  leisure or marine craft – and jet skis, must be registered with the Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA). You will then be issued a marine craft licence. Even if a boat or jet ski is officially registered in another country, it must also be registered here in the UAE. As part of this procedure you will need to pass a marine craft inspection, and apply to the Dubai Coastguard for a registration number (in the first instance only). This number varies according to emirate and, in Dubai, you will be issued with a DP (Dubai Ports) number. Boats must then display the registration number prominently on their hull. 

Before you reach the water, you will need to obtain a permit to sail, which is authorised by the Dubai Coastguard; its patrol boats are often on the lookout to make sure boat owners have complied with all these regulations. You will also need to apply to the DMCA for a marine craft driver’s licence, a relatively new rule to ensure that all boat owners and sailors have the theoretical and practical knowledge and expertise to drive light marine vessels and leisure crafts.

Owners are advised to buy a comprehensive insurance policy up to the recommended coverage of Dhs.2,000,000. Take out the policy with a local insurance company. Most top marine insurers have a UAE department and some conduct all their business online to save time.

Tip #5 - Enjoy your boat!

Make time to really enjoy your boat and get the best from it.  We recommend that private tuition on board your own boat can be one of the best ways to improve your skills and confidence.  Plan lots of trips and try to use the vessel for what it was intended.  Join a yacht club and get involved with social activities and cruises. Invite family and friends to join you and share in the wonders of being out on the water!


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