Princess 60

The Princess name has become synonymous with all that is finest in motor yacht design.


Since 1965, Princess has grown on the foundations of our original core values; dedication to quality, strength and integrity in both design and build store.


Based in some of the world's most modern, vertically integrated boat-building facilities, incorporating over 1,000,000ft2 (94,000m2) of climate controlled factory space, every Princess craft is the result of a rigorous and uncompromising approach to every detail of her design and manufacture.


The combined experience of our highly skilled workforce has created Princess' lasting association with timeless, elegant design and impeccable build quality, blending cutting edge technology with traditional craftsmanship to set new standards in performance, seakeeping, comfort and safety.


The result is the definitive motor yacht experience.

About Us


We invite you to take a closer look at some of the incredible crafts that go into producing each and every Princess yacht in our new series of Inside Princess videos.